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  • Manual Focusing using a Bhatinov Mask
    • Manual Focus using iOptron iEQ45 and Focuser

updated:  2020-07-11


set the main camera focus manually

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Guiding with PHD2

  • This is perhaps the simplest method if the iOptron Electric Focuser is attached.
  • Follow the steps described in the chapter Manual Focusing using a Bhatinov Mask
  • On the  iEQ45 Hand Controller open the Main Menu

  • then move the focus in or out by pressing the appropriate buttons

  • You can compare the current position of the focuser in the Focuser Panel of the iOptron Commander, the positzion below is near the optimal focus when using the TSO 90/600 - ZWO-ASI294 + Riccardi Reducer configuration

  • To start, set  the focuser to a position near to the optimal focus position from the Focus Table

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