PixInsight - Image Post Processing


updated: 2024-03-13

NoiseXTerminator is a fast and easy-to-use AI-based noise reduction tool specifically designed for astrophotography. While AI-based noise reduction solutions exist for general photography, they have not been trained on astronomical images. As a result, they often mutilate stars and invent details that simply aren't there. 

NoiseXTerminator has been trained exclusively on deep-sky astrophotography, so its neural network is "familiar" with stars and the types of detail we see in our photos.

NoiseXTerminator is an external plugin and is not included with PixInsight. It must be purchased and installed separately - see this link: NoiseXTerminator.



NoiseXTerminator Settings:

var P = new NoiseXTerminator; 

P.ai_file = "NoiseXTerminator.2.pb"; 

P.denoise = 0.72; 

P.detail = 0.59;

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