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updated: 2023-06-02


Plan mode is intended for 2 scenarios:

  1. capturing different targets during 1 session
  2. capturing mosaic images of one target to big for a single frame
  3. you can also plan for an entire session including calibration frames including lights, flats, darks and bias frame, but the execution of such a plan require your manual interaction.

Targets may be entered 

  • manually by using the find target function
  • by using the SkyAtlas function of ASIAIR
  • by import e.g. from

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To open the Plan mode, select Plan on the right side menu and the click on the sign to open the session plan setting:

Tab on the icon to open the Plan Settings 

Confirm your settings after entering a name for the plan and checking all settings.

Select an object from the Tonights Best list or any other object from the menu or select an other object:

 e.g. SH2-103:

If no plan was defined yet, tab on the Plus sign to define the frame types and other exposure parameters:

More information about Lights, Bias, Flats and Darks can be found under the links.

If there are already plans defined, you will see this screen:

(for documentation reasons Polaris will be used!)

Tab on Details and the plan details will open:

Tab on the start button to start the plan(s):

  1. Confirms the settings (these settings a used only for documentation and should be corrected before taking real images!)

  2. Moves the scope to the target and starts tracking
  3. Attempts a plate solve of the target region (I didn't find out yet how to step over plate solving just for documentation reasons during daytime, that's why the rest of the documentation is still missing :( )
  4. ... will be continued as soon as the weather improves 

Sharing Plans - Format Example:


Polaris|Polaris|Polaris.jpg,02h 31m 49s,+89°16'00"

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