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 Comet Image Integration

updated: 2024-03-09


Alignment of all frames on a comet instead of star or deep space objects (DSOs)

Image Registration is the process of matching two or more images of the same scene by superposition. This requires estimating optimal geometric transformations to align the images with respect to a common reference. Image registration is of crucial importance in all processing and analysis tasks based on the combination of data from sets of images. Some examples are image integrationmultichannel image composition, shared information retrieval, change detection and image mosaicing. These tasks have applications in astronomy, medical imaging, remote sensing, cartography, real-time target recognition and computer vision, just to name a few.

Depending on the desired result, there are several methods to achieve these results:

  • by centering the images on the background stars and if you a sufficient set of sub frames you could combine them into a little video that shows how the comet moves against the background stars (not yet described)
  • you can center the image on the comet and let the stars appear as stripes 
  • or you can choose to more or less eliminate all stars and center on the comet that would then appear against a black background (requires very good light frames with low background noise to work properly!)



Batch of comet aligned frames


Integrated Master Frame

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