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Setting the correct camera orientation on ASIAIR with SkyAtlas

updated: 2022-10-04


Correct the camera orientation for a best fit to the target. This is most important for planning mosaic images

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Since version 1.9 of the ASIAIR Firmware (release date: April 2022) includes Sky Atlas that helps you to find and adjust the camera angle according to the target.

To open the SkyAtlas tap on the (available in Preview. Autorun, Plan and Live mode) always at the bottom left side of the screen

The Sky Atlas will show two Field of View indicators:

  • The blue rectangle represents the Current Field of View of the scope (with correct values after you did a plate solve
  • and the red rectangle the planned target view simulation.

By adjusting  (rotating) the camera you can adjust the actual camera rotation to the planned rotation. Unfortunately there is no direct support built onto ASIAIR to rotate the planned target - you will have to shoot, plate solve, rotate manually an repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the camera rotation

Correct Camera Orientation

The correct camera orientation can be obtained by a simple calculation and depends on the position angle returned by Telescopius,com and the initial camera orientation:

  • Position angle between 0° and 180°
    • if camera orientation is upside up: ASIAIR Rotation = Position Angle
    • or if the initial camera orientation is upside down: ASIAIR Rotation = 360° - Position Angle
  • Position angle between 180° and 360°
    • if camera orientation is upside up: ASIAIR Rotation = 360° - Position Angle
    • or if the initial camera orientation is upside down:ASIAIR Rotation = 360°+ 180° - Position Angle or: 540° - Position Angle

HINT: this means to be careful regarding planning of the correct camera orientation already in Telescopius,com and to avoid camera angles above 180° to make it easier for the next steps!

Initial Camera Orientation

A first test with the ASIAIR camera  mounted in this initial rotation position (horizontal):

lead to the following results after slewing to a section of IC5070:

Camera Position

ASIAIR plate sole result plate solve result


Camera in initial position (as shown above)


269° E of N


after an estimated manual 45° left rotation of the camera





45° (was a good rotation estimation!)


Additional explanations can be found on YouTube: 

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