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Step 4: Adjusting the Primary Mirror

updated: 2024-05-08


Aligning the primary mirror with the optical axis of the telescope

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Completion of Step 2: Collimation of the Secondary Mirror

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3 alternative follow-up steps:

  1. Step 2: Re-check and correct mirror spacing 
  1. Step 3: Re-check secondary mirror adjustment
  2. Step 5: Fine Adjustment of the Primary Mirror 

There are a couple of ways to correct the orientation of the primary mirror (ordered by ascending cost)

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Primary Mirror Collimation:

  • before you start, slightly untighten the fixation screws on the backside of the mirror using a 2.5 mm Allen key
  • only slightly rotate the collimation screws clockwise or counter-clockwise during the collimation using a 3mm Allen key
  • don't forget to tighten the fixation screws again when done

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