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Target Planning with ASIAIR and SkyAtlas

updated: 2022-08-31


Use one of several target planning tools:

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Capturing Frames

See the GoTo function of the Preview mode (available also in the Focus and Video mode) 

Target planning using the SkyAtlas (available since Version 1.9 of the ASIAIR SW)

Tap on the at the bottom left side of the screen to open the SkyAtlas.


Blue rectangle: represents the actual Field of View (FoV) of your telescope (where your scope is pointing to)

Red rectangle represents the target frame (where could want to point your scope to)

Also the relative orientation (camera rotation) is shown.

  • Center: will center a selected object (31 Orionis in this case) in the middle of the screen but will not move the telescope.
  • Align: will set the coordinates from the actual blue target coordinates, you can also transfer the coordinates to your mount (this is similar to a star alignment!)
  • GoObject: will move the telescope to the selected object (in this case the star HD 5848 is the target!)
  • GoCross: will move the telescope to the red target center (red cross inside the red target frame)
  • Search for an object by name, this will open the My favorites list of objects, from where you can search or select other objects. see the description in GoTo function of the Preview mode
  • Starts the compass mode: you can move though the sky by moving your tablet or mobile phone
  • Turn equatorial grid on and off
  • Turn landscape on and off

Both actions (GoObject and GoCross) will start a plate solve to verify the exact position of the scope.

Please read these articles in case you are planning a mosaic image consisting of multiple frames covering a larger area than the FoV of your scope.

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