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A Practical Guide to EAA Astro-Photography

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This guide is based on my own experiences in getting started with modern Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) after decades of abstinence from any practical use of astronomical equipment and contains the result of my experiences, many hints from the Internet and was originally intended to serve as a reminder and reference book for myself to avoid repeating mistakes once made.  I hope that other interested parties can also benefit from this publication and I welcome any feedback. The content of this guide is a work in progress - there's more to come!

Have fun and let me know what's missing or wrong in my guide to astrophotography.

*) New: This guide is now also available as a PDF draft and as a Windows Help file (*.CHM), although both formats still need a lot of work.

Reference: [1]  Picture: Bresser Full HD Deep Sky Camera Quickstart.pdf


Main Contents:

  1. About Astro Photography
  2. Astro Photography Session Planning
  3. Astro Equipment Setup
  4. Astro Session Workflows
  5. Image Post Processing
  6. Video Post Processing
  7. Learning and Documentation
  1. Addendum
    1. Optical Configurations
    2. Astro Hardware
    3. Astro Software
    4. Astro Manuals
    5. Tables
    6. Troubleshooter
    7. Equipment Rentals and Locations
    8. Helpful Links
  1. Glossary

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Astro-Guide in landscape mode

Astro-Guide in portrait mode

Astro-Guide in portrait mode with contents index

Ralph Winter

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Ralph Winter 



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